Q  and  A 

Do you have growlers?
We do have growlers available for purchase.  We offer a double-walled stainless-steel growler that will hold beer fresh for well over 6 weeks (if pressureized with CO2).  This growler has the Rockwell logo imprinted on it and comes with a nylon-web carrying strap.  This growler is a great option for aging beers or carrying beers long distances.  This growler is available for purchase for $65.00.  This holiday season, this would make a great gift for your favorite craft beer lover.

How do you determine what goes on tap next?
We try to leep our taps fairly balanced with a variety of beer styles so that everyone can find something they like.  We try to focus on our local and Texas breweries but every now and then we will get a taste for something from outside the Lonestar State and we will tap those "foreign" kegs.

How do we find out when you are running a food/drink special or event?
The first place we post all updates to our menu or beer list is to social media (facebook/twitter/etc) it is the fastest way for us to get the information to the most amount of people.  If you would like to be notified via email, please feel free to email us at info@rockwellgrill.com and we will do our best to get you the infor you want as soon as we are finished updating all the social media pages.

Do you accept reservations?
Yes we do accept reservations and encourage them on high volume days such as Mother's Day and Father's Day or anytime you have a party of 8 or more.  This allows us the opportunity to prepare the table for you but please keep in mind we will not hold your table more than 15 minutes past your agreed upon reservation time and we do not sit parties that are less than 75% incomplete.  We also will not seperate parents and childern.  This establishment does serve alcohol and kids should be accompanied by a parent for their safety and security.

Have Questions? We are happy to answer them, just ask!

Where is Rockwell Grill?
We are here..(see map below)